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My introduction to the defensive arts began when I was 9 years old when I enrolled in a boxing school at a community recreation center in New Jersey. I continued that training through High School. I attended college in Iowa, where I had the opportunity to intramural box the future celebrity, Tony Danza. I graduated with a BA in Psychology & a BA in Business Administration in 1970.

I am a physical Fitness Coach and Certified Personal Trainer through the NCCPT (national council of certified personal trainers). I am also a Defensive Tactics instructor. I have continued my education and have certifications in Health Assessment, Exercise Physiology, Kinesiology, Nutrition, and Exercise Applications for all ages including special populations – seniors, rehabilitation, strength and conditioning, sports physiology and occupational therapy.  

ThJohn Battle Ropesrough the years I have seen what commitment to physical fitness and martial arts can do to a persons’ self-esteem and confidence. In my opinion there is no better vehicles to self-discovery and personal improvement.




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