What You Can Expect

We are an independent family owned full-time Fitness & Kickboxing center focusing on Health, Fitness and True Self-Esteem.

Serving Sonoma County since 1992, we offer a variety of fitness options at reasonable rates. Our Kickboxing curriculum is age specific and functionally relevant for every age group. We place a high emphasis on providing our members with physical benefits that are matched by equally important mental skills.

Our Mission
Adam with Kids Message of the WeekThe mission at Our Gym is to empower our members with the physical, mental and emotional skills necessary to be successful in life.

By emphasizing health and fitness in a positive environment, we inspire our members to become more confident, successful, contributing members of our community. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


What You Can Expect
Eric and Eric, Jr.Over the past 24 years we have been guiding individuals from all walks of life and in all age groups, to reach their full potential. The physical benefits of our programs are matched by equally powerful mental advantages. Because of their indomitable spirit, the committed member sees huge benefits in the everyday world.

For children, this means better grades in school and better behavior at home. Teens gain a level of clarity that gives them a huge advantage in dealing with the complexities in their lives. And for adults, this translates directly to increased success in business and more fulfilling personal relationships.


Our Invitation To YouChris and Phil Kickboxing
Fitness Training and learning Martial Arts, like Kickboxing, is fun and provides lifelong benefits, but we know it can be a little intimidating to jump right into a class. We invite you to come in for our introductory offer. We’ll answer all your questions and help you feel at ease.


You’ll see for yourself how we help people of all ages develop physical and mental skills to help them be their very best in all aspects of their lives.

Call and make an appointment for your first session today!

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