Solid-Core Fitness


A Great workout for Women and Men

Solid-Core Fitness is a complete fitness program that is designed for people who enjoy motivation of like-minded people interested in getting fit and staying fit in a friendly non-intimidating way.

TinaAll exercises can be effectively modified to meet the needs of everyone who participates; from the ‘exercise newbie’ to the ‘exercise junkie’.

Solid Core Fitness (SCF) balances the three pieces of exercise: strength, cardiovascular endurance and flexibility. This provides everyone with a balanced exercise experience. The fitness methods are based upon the concepts of Muscle Confusion, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and Metabolic Training. This results in maximum gains with minimum recovery time.

With classes through the week, we also focus on making every class different – even during the same day.


Solid Core Fitness will give you the lift you need without exhausting you or taking up too much of your valuable free time.

All equipment is provided by us.


Come join us and take your health into your own hands!



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 Solid-Core Testimonials:

“I work full time and have a family so its hard to find time to go to a gym. At only 30 minutes, Solid-Core Fitness is a great workout – I felt stronger after the first class! These classes have become a catalyst for healthier habits like getting more sleep and cutting out junk food.”  ~Sara



“Solid-Core Fitness classes have helped me kick start my training. I’m training for my first triathlon in quite a few years and the Solid-Core class is great because it hits all the major muscle groups. The other major benefit to me is that enough classes are offered that I can always find one to fit my schedule. I really appreciate that I’m always offered advice about how to modify the exercises so they will fit my needs. It’s amazing to me that the same class can fit college students as well as folks in their 70s. Thanks!!!” ~Brian


“I work a full time job and had found it hard to find the time for exercise. The SCF is only 30 minutes, I only attend two days a week, but that has really made a difference. You leave class feeling strong, healthy, and refreshed. John, the coach, teaches us to listen to our bodies, It is like having your own person trainer for a fraction of the price.”  ~Nicole



“The coach gives you alternatives to every exercise making the classes suitable for participants at any level. I am going on my sixth week and have more energy and use the drills we learn during class in my daily life.(Example: remember to bend my knees when lifting) Awesome coach who is very helpful!!!” ~Brina    


“I feel so much better for the experience SCF has given me.  I’ve lost almost 25 pounds in less than 90 days and more than 3 points reduced on my BMI! I love the 30-minute workouts that change every class as well as the great group motivation and the personal touch and attention of the coach.”   ~Crystal



“Get fit in just 30 minutes a day! What a concept! But I am proof that it is possible. Since starting Solid-Core Fitness in June of 2010, I have lost 14 pounds and countless inches. This loss is due to a fun, challenging exercise program not to a restrictive “diet”, where weight comes back as soon as the diet stops. I am stronger now than I have ever been and feel better than I have in a long time. Thank you John for creating SCF and for offering it 10 times a week so we all can fit it into our schedules. “   ~Laurie


“I’m a 63 year old man, recently retired and I’d been feeling sluggish, tired and out of shape.  I started attending Solid Core Fitness classes about 3 – 4 times a week and have really noticed a difference in my energy and sleeping. I am gradually regaining my strength and stamina.  Our coaches vary the classes to keep them interesting and challenging.  They’re only 30 minutes, so it’s easy to fit them in, even when I’m not feeling particularly motivated. I’m enjoying being more active and meeting new people.”  ~Tom

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Phone: 707-795-3135
Email: RpDojoFit@gmail.com



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