BoxOut 1 re-sizeKBX-FIT is a high energy program based on a synergistic combination of cardio, strength, core and power exercises coupled with fun and challenging Kickboxing kicks, punches and elbows which will take you to a whole new level of fitness.

KBX FIT is something you can do in an effort to give yourself a fighting chance at becoming fit and healthy. We’ll help you to make a lifestyle change. Our program balances current exercise methodologies with powerful mental affirmations.  We explain everything and provide variations on exercises to make workouts safer and more efficient – creating better results.



KBX Fit 4KBX FIT will get you to lose weight and tone up!

We use free-weights, barbells, resistance tubing, medicine balls, kettle bells and jump rope. All fitness equipment needed is provided by us!




KBX Fit Tire

Each KBX FIT class is a dynamic 60 minutes that balances the three pieces of fitness: strength, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance. Please call for information on pricing, drop-ins and specials.

Empowering exercise clears everything up mentally and physically -helping you have better days.

Give it a try!

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