Kickboxing for Kids

Junior KickboxingKickboxing (9 yrs. to 14 yrs.): All classes have a focus on life skills and our Junior Kickboxing classes are no different. We emphasize non-violent conflict resolution, but for those rare instances where they may need to defend themselves, our curriculum teaches effective defensive skills that are easy to remember and will help to ensure that your child is prepared, mentally and physically, to neutralize physical threats.

Junior Punching Children upgrade through belt recognition. Stripes are awarded for class attendance and this helps to motivate children to keep setting goals and continue learning. The values your child will learn through our Kickboxing program will ensure that they have the confidence and the character qualities to make the right choices when confronted with life’s challenges.

Our Junior Kickboxing students become leaders and role models among their friends and peers while learning effective self-defense skills and developing great physical fitness habits.


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