Muscle-Up! exerciseIs a metabolic exercise program based upon the concept of combining light weight with many repetitions. This ‘rep-effect’ will give participants strong, lean muscles without the usual fatigue associated with lifting weights.

Your metabolism (aka metabolic rate) is how many calories your body burns at rest.

Structural and compound exercises” are used as they require a maximum amount of energy; because multiple joints are involved like a Squat with a Press. Sitting down and doing a biceps curl is the exact opposite of hard core metabolic training.

Muscle-Up’s metabolic training will have you completing structural and compound exercises with little rest in between in an effort to maximize your calorie burn and increase your metabolic rate during and after the workout.



Muscle Up!Metabolic training is high intensity anaerobic exercise that will leave you breathless! Upon completion of a true metabolic workout you should experience a state of ‘pleasant’ exhaustion! This is the WOW factor that we often get from our members!

Muscle Up! is currently offered on Saturday morning with rotating formats such as: ‘Warrior Fit’ Circuit Training,  Ropes Plus, Rep Effect and an occasional Challenge Workout!

We use dumbbell hand weights, barbell weights, medicine balls, aerobic steps, resistance tubing, kettle bells, battle ropes and sandbags. ALL equipment is provided by us!



Trying our program and making your workout experience more metabolic is worth a try and may just give your fitness goals the boost you’ve been searching for.

Muscle-Up! this Saturday morning!





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