Personal Training

freddy and daniWe offer Personal Training packages that can be customized to address whatever interests you may have. For children, teens and adults, we will customize a program to fit both your personal needs and schedule. Whether you wish to loose weight, tone-up, desire personal protection tactics, kickboxing, marathon training or are recovering from an injury – we can help!

That’s right!

We customize our Personal Training lessons to your needs. You do not need to be a member of our classes to enroll in Personal Training.

Personal Training is great for people with limited time to train but have a willingness to train hard with the time they have.

Personal Training sessions are also the quickest and most effective way to learn. This training option is also for people who prefer to work one-on-one or in a smaller group environment. Personal Training can be taken adjunct to group lessons, or as a stand-alone training program. Lessons can progress at your own pace, and can span any range of topics.



8 Reasons Why Personal Training Is The BEST way to get in shape:

  1. A fitness program tailored specifically to you.
  2. Get more in each workout for huge increase in progress.
  3. Set and achieve your specific fitness goals.
  4. More accountability and less likely to skip workout sessions!
  5. Increased personal attention and guidance.
  6. Greater variety in your workouts makes for more fun and interest. 
  7. Motivation is easier to maintain when you have a personal trainer.
  8. Easy to follow nutrition guidelines for effective weight loss results.




  • Fitness Coaching:
    • Body Composition Analysis
    • Nutrition Guidance
    • Weight Loss
    • Muscle Toning
    • Muscle Building 
    • Cardiovascular Training
    • Sport Performance Conditioning
    • Injury rehabilitation
    • Flexibility Coaching
    • Yoga


  • Kickboxing: 
    • Focus mitts
    • Heavy bags
    • Jump Rope & Agility Ladder 
    • Fitness conditioning
    • Progression to Black Belt

Times are available Monday through Saturday.

Please call or Email us to set-up days and times that are convenient for you.

Phone: 707-795-3135
Email: RpDojoFit@gmail.com



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