Battle Ropes

This is a fitness class utilizing Battle Ropes and Dynamic Athletic Training drills. The focus is on improving stamina, coordination, agility, upper body strength and core stability.

Battle Ropes ClassEach session is guaranteed to burn 100’s of calories! If you could use one training tool to produce the biggest metabolic impact, it would be the Battle Ropes….HANDS DOWN!


Some benefits of working out with the Battle Ropes include:

  • Low to no impact on your joints.
  • Battle Ropes involve the entire body.
  • Elevates your heart rate and burns as many calories as running.
  • Allows for continuous power output.
  • Works the core muscles in ways that few other training tools can by both utilizing your shoulders, hips and abs. Also, forcing you to brace your core and stabilize your spine during explosive movement.



Battle Ropes

Participation in this class will mark improvement in your overall strength and core functionality which will translate easily into better performance in other workout routines and better performance in all athletic activities.

Please call or email for information on Enrollment.

Phone: 707-795-3135
Email: RpDojoFit@gmail.com


Tuesday class happens during Solid-Core Fitness at 5:30 pm.

Wednesday class happens during Solid-Core Fitness at Noon.


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